Rescue Cat From Factory Proves No Cat is Too Feral to Be Saved


In 2007, there was a cat that ran around the factory where Ryan’s roommate worked, who was eventually named Rufus. The factory workers would feed the cat from the snack machine that gave sandwiches and other foods. Ryan’s roommate was very concerned that the kitten would be crushed by some of the machinery in the factory, something she voiced daily when he came home and talked about her. She really wanted to bring the kitten home. His roommate got her wish finally when the workers set out a live trap – an hour later they’d gotten her. Ryan was at work at the time and when he got home there was a new kitten in their spare bedroom.

The rescue cat lived in the third bedroom for months, not allowing anyone near her. She stayed under the table mostly so Ryan began lying in there on the floor face down and Rufus would come over and crawl on his back. People told the two roomies that they should give up on her because cats like that can’t be tamed, but the two refused to listen. In March, Ryan moved down to help his mother with her cat orphanage and decided to take Rufus as well as his shelter cat Baby.

Once he got to his mother’s place, they gave Rufus a room of her own with a baby gate and the dresser near the door. She would stand on the dresser and slowly she allowed them to begin petting her. Soon after, she became a pet cat quickly after that. Ryan has ¬†since moved back up north but is happy to say that Rufus is healthy and happy. When his mother gets home from work, Rufus greets her at the door and puts her feet up on his mother’s knee to be picked up and held like a baby. She is a true testament to the fact that no cat is too feral to be saved.

 Photo Source: Ryan via The Animal Rescue Site

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