Rescue Cat Finds Loving Home, Helps Owner Face Her Feline Fear


As a kid, Marie got jumped by a tomcat in her grandparents’ barn and had to go to the emergency room. Suffice to say, she never got over the experience and since then, she’s been afraid of cats. The first time she met her cat, she was truly afraid of it. It was an October in the Midwest of the U.S. and it was getting cold. Walking out of her house to go to work, a black and white tomcat was sitting on the hood of Marie’s car. The feline was underweight, some of his hair was missing in patches and one of his eyes was swollen closed. He was in serious need of medical attention. While Marie was afraid of him, she also loved all animals and this one desperately needed her help.

She called the no-kill shelter in her town and they told her they had no room for the cat. It was all up to Marie. She lured the male cat with some tuna and brought him to the vet, where his eye was treated and he was given a dewormer. The cat was terrified and in that moment, she almost cried for him.

The cat, who she ended up calling Mr. Poofa, ended up living with her. For a while they were not on speaking terms as they didn’t trust one another, and for the longest time they pretended the other wasn’t there.  Marie was snowed into her home for a few days in December and one day the cat sat next to her while she was watching TV. The next day he allowed her stroke him on the head. Now he sleeps in bed with Marie and sits on her lap when she works from home.

When she moved to Costa Rica for work, she moved with her two dogs and her beloved cat. Mr. Poofa flew first class with her and, needless to say, she is no longer afraid of cats!

Image via The Animal Rescue Site

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