Rescue Cat Helps Save Depressed Woman and Becomes Part of the Family

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After moving away from her family and their cats to get married as well as lose her job, and get into a car wreck, Korrie became seriously depressed. Her husband didn’t think they could care for a cat at the time in their Albequerque, NM home. She decided that if she couldn’t have one, Korrie would just go volunteer at a shelter to satisfy her need and love of cats.

That’s just how she met an adorable cat Katie and her mother. Katie was so shy and withdrawn that no one on the staff at the shelter was able to get her out of the cage to clean it. After having little to no experience with cats who have claws that didn’t end in  crazy scratches, Korrie had braced myself to get torn up. Pulling her out of the cage, she made herself so small in her arms. She knew right then and there she just had to have her. She was too scared and sweet to go to anyone else. After begging her husband for a couple months, she finally was able to bring her home. In the space of time it took her to get my husband to let her  get her, she built her trust with her. She purred and played and let people pet her – things no one else could do.

Since she’s come home, she continues to be Korrie’s little brat and constant companion.

Photo Source: Korrie via The Animal Rescue Site


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