Rescue Cat Makes Life Easier For Little Boy Living With Autism

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A little boy that was diagnosed with autism is now doing much better thanks to a feline friend.  The child’s mother whose name is Louise, knew that she had to do something to help her and her child cope.  But they never expected that a rescue cat named Billy would be that help.  When the boy named Fraser was born, he was not like the other babies in the hospital.  On the day he was born, he came out screaming and continued to do so for three entire days.  As the boy grew, doctors diagnosed him with autism.  As Fraser got older, nothing seemed to interest him much, but one day out of the blue he started playing with the family cat.

A light bulb went off in Louise’s head and she thought it would be a good idea to get Frazer a cat of his own.  The family cat was old and was not very friendly, so a younger cat would be brought in.  The family went out and got a rescue cat and named him Billy.  When the cat arrived the family was nervous that Billy might have an adverse reaction to Frazer’s behavior.  But when the feline arrived at the home, he seemed really calm even when Frazer started throwing his tantrums.

When Frazer starts having tantrums, it seems that Billy actually calms the boy down.  This is great news to his mother, who now has a way of connecting with her son, threw Billy.  As the boy grows the cat will surely be by his side, helping him along.  His mother is so happy that she has finally found something that he shows interest in and Billy has become the child’s rock in times of need. Louise was so inspired by Billy the cat that she decided to write a book about their experience.  She hopes that new parents, who are going through their own battle with autism, will find some comfort in the book.  For more information please check out the video located below this article.   This is a story that has one very happy ending.

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