Rescue Cat Makes The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


On May 4, 2011, Sharon Konnick tragically lost her Tinkerbell, the last of her original seven cats. Tink had been especially devoted, and her absence left a big hole in the Pittston, PA resident’s heart and life. She was heartsick and decided to get another cat – a lap cat like her Tinkerbell had been. Doing some online research, she found a local rescue that had several cats that looked promising; little did she know she’d find an unassuming, yet perfect rescue cat!

Mother’s Day of that same year, Sharon decided to pay a visit to the rescue shelter and walked into their cat cottage where the cats were walking around freely. She sat down on the floor to let them come meet her and a cute little tuxedo cat pushed her way through all of the other, bigger cats. Climbing up onto her shoulder where Tinkerbell had lived, she began purring her head off into Sharon’s ear. She recognized her as BamBam, one of the cats listed on the website and had decided to not consider as the site said she should be in a one-cat house and the family already had her daughter Katie’s cat, Cuddles. BamBam was also blind in her left eye, and there was a concern that she would not be able to see their boisterous Cuddles coming from the left.

Slightly saddened, she put her down gently after a few pets and tried to meet other cats. BamBam incessantly followed her from room to room, each time pushing her way through the others to climb back to Sharon’s shoulder. The rescue cat had clearly decided that the woman was hers and was not going to leave without her. Her persistence won her heart, and as a result, the family took her home. She is now Sharon’s constant companion and has helped to heal her broken heart. She is so thankful the cat adopted her – it was the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

Photo Source: Sharon Konnick via The Animal Rescue Site

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