Rescue Cat Saved From Paper Shredder Finds Loving Home


Rachelle was sitting at her Minneapolis, Minnesota home when she got a phone call from her sister, who was panicked because she had just been given a little kitten that was badly hurt. Her sister begged her to make a vet appointment for her at the clinic next to their apartment and Rachelle agreed, but they had just gotten a kitten and didn’t need another. She called various places to see if any could take this kitten – she was set against keeping the rescue cat but, serendipitously, all the places she called were full. Rachelle decided to walk to the vet next door to see the cat for herself.

Upon walking in, her sister showed her the very small kitten who was in the box next to her. The injured kitty wasn’t moving and her face was bloodied, so Rachelle instantly went into protective mode, and in that instant, the cat stole her heart. It turns out that 3-week-old kitten somehow had gotten into the paper at her sister’s recycling center and had been tossed through the machine that separates the paper, before dropping it on the line to the shredder. Someone had seen her and saved this poor little kitten and handed her over to her sister.

When the vet examined the young feline, it was discovered that she was in perfect health. She had bumped her nose, but was fine. When the vet asked what name to put on her paperwork, Rachelle and her sister smiled and said, “Hope,” since no one thought the kitty would pull through.

Now Hope follows Rachelle everywhere and Rachelle has realized just can’t live without her beloved rescue cat.

Photo Source: Rachelle via The Animal Rescue Site

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