Rescue Group Owners Sentenced to Jail for Abandoning Cats in Trailer

Recently, two women were sentenced to ten days in prison because of animal cruelty in Licking Country. Besides this, they were sentenced to pay $2,000 in restitution to the Humane Society, which was in addition to three years of probation for both of them. As for why the two women pled guilty to the misdemeanor charges that resulted in this outcome, well, suffice to say that what happened reads like a horror story.

In short, the two women were responsible for running an animal rescue group called Pittie Paws. However, it turned out that they had abandoned 23 cats in a trailer, which was uncovered by representatives of the Humane Society. What said individuals found was absolutely horrendous. Out of the 23 cats, 21 cats made a rush for the door as soon as it had been opened, while the other two were already dead. One of the two dead cats could be found to the left of the trailer, where it was described as crawling with maggots. Meanwhile, the other dead cat had experienced so much decay that it had started liquefying, with the result that it was stuck to the bottom of the couch in the trailer.

As for how this happened, the answer was obvious in an instant. Simply put, there was neither food nor water in the trailer for the 23 cats. Instead, there were nothing but unopened tins of cat food, which for obvious reasons, wasn’t exactly accessible for the feline residents. On top of this, the representatives of the Humane Society mentioned the fleas being so bad that the pests latched onto them while they were in the trailer, which makes it very lucky that said individuals were also in hazard suits at the time.

Summed up, it is very, very clear that the two women failed to live up to their responsibilities to the lives that had been put into their care. However, their sentences were relatively light because the two pled guilty to the charges, which according to their lawyer, was a response to their recognition of just how badly they had screwed up. Besides Licking County, the two women were charged in Knox County for neglect as well as animal cruelty as well, so it is possible that there will be further consequences to come for them.

What Should’ve Happened?

Animal welfare organizations not being able to care for all of their charges is something that happens on a regular basis. Simply put, there is a huge over-population of cats and dogs in the country, meaning that such organizations can’t hope to provide adequate food and medicare care for all of them because of their very limited resources. This is even true for no-kill animal shelters in an indirect sense because while they promise to never kill their charges, they tend to be much more restrictive when it comes to what animals they will and will not accept. As a result, a lot of no-kill animal shelters avoid the kinds of animals that have very high chances of being put down at their more conventional counterparts.

However, there is a critical difference between what most animal welfare organizations do and what happened here. In short, animal welfare organizations have a strong motivation to protect animal welfare. As a result, even when they put down their charges, they do so for the sake of sparing them for unnecessary suffering. In contrast, well, suffice to say that being locked up in an enclosed space with no food, no water, and a pair of corpses is an absolutely horrific way to go. It was lucky that the representatives of the Humane Society managed to find out what happened in time to save most of the cats, but that in no way erases the traumatic situation that the survivors lived through. As such, most people will almost certainly agree that the two women more than earned their punishment at the hands of the law, with a lot of people out there probably thinking that they should have received harsher sentences.

To some extent, the two women’s motivation for keeping silent is understandable. After all, no one likes admitting to having made a mistake for which they have to be helped out by others. However, when our mistakes start having such negative consequences for us as well as for those who are reliant on us, it is best to speak up as soon as possible rather than waiting until everything comes crashing down on our heads. Something that people would do well to remember in our day-to-day lives.

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Rescue Group Owners Sentenced to Jail for Abandoning Cats in Trailer
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