Rescue Kitten Found With Head Through Dumpster Finds Good Home and Happy Ending


Tazia is a young kitten that was rescued by a good Samaritan from Texas. Her male rescuer found her with her little head wedged through a small hole in a dumpster. With no shelters in the nearby vicinity, the man took it upon himself to care for the feline and find a place for her with a rescue that would give her loving care in a positive environment and would find her a good forever home when she is ready.

Cat’s Cradle, an all-volunteer non-profit rescue group based in Oregon, told the story of the adorable Tazia’s rescue:

“This is a wonderful and incredible rescue story. The lucky little kitty arrived in our care the day before Easter so we named her Tazia, Italian for “one who will live again.”

“Little Tazia’s story begins with a stranger’s email that came to us on April 15th, asking if Cat’s Cradle Rescue (in Oregon) would take in a kitten found stuck in a drain hole of a dumpster in South Texas. Jim, the kind man who wrote the email, had noticed a small head poking out of the 2-inch diameter drain hole and could not just walk away. Instead he hoisted himself into the dumpster, used olive oil to lubricate the kitten’s head, and finally got the wedged head unstuck – but now what to do with the weak and limp baby that did not have the strength to stand, let alone run away? He didn’t even think twice and although he is not a “cat person” he brought her home, fed her with a dropper when she was too weak to eat. She survived.”

Jim was heading to Oregon over the Easter weekend, so he contacted Cat’s Cradle and asked if they would take in the little rescued kitten. They agreed and were highly impressed that the cat’s  rescuer would go to such trouble and expense involved in transporting her on the flight.

Cat’s Cradle explained, “To us, it was hard to believe that someone would spend money for a plane ticket, vet certificate and a carrier for a tiny kitten he knew nothing about.”

Jim delivered the kitten to Cat’s Cradle volunteers at a Petco adoption event a couple of weeks ago. The group offered to do fundraising to assist in covering Jim’s expenses.  Not only did he decline, he also offered to contribute money toward the kitten’s care.

Tazia the rescue kitten is currently doing well in her foster home. There, she happily plays and is making friends with some fellow cats and dogs.

Photo Source: Cat’s Cradle Rescue 

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