Rescue Kitten Receives Her First Hug and Now She Only Hugs to Show Love!

Hugs Kitten

Cashew’s story is one that will break your heart. If you just look at the kitten in the picture above, all you will see is a tiny kitten that is clearly not big enough to care for himself, nor is he a kitten that is anything short of completely adorable. This darling kitten, believe it or not, was abandoned. He was dumped, unloved and uncared for, in front of a PetSmart store about six months ago. This darling kitten was unwanted by someone who probably thought that dumping him in front of a pet store wasn’t ‘so bad,’ but according to the woman who took him in, the cat was in bad condition.

Only a few weeks old at the time, Cashew was in a bad place. He was covered in fleas, he was in poor health and he was not doing so well. He had some issues with one of his eyes that looked a bit like an infection. She took him in and she was able to give Cashew the love and care he needed for his own health. He is currently in good health, but he’s got some residual effects from his first night with his new family.

Cashew cuddling as a kitten

Cashew cuddling at seven months

Once this darling kitten was cleaned up by his new owner the night she brought him home, she cuddled him to her chest because he would not stop crying. Anytime she put him down, he would cry and he would not stop crying. Her heart breaking because this darling kitten was so lost and confused, she cuddled him all night long so that he would calm down and feel much better. It’s been more than seven months since Cashew was rescued by his new family, and he still only hugs his family the way that they hugged him that first night at home.

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