Rescue Kittens Found in Abandoned Car Towed to Auto Shop


Three little kittens who were found in an abandoned car that was towed to the garage are now being fed by the kind staff at a New Jersey auto repair shop. The trio of felines were found in the back seat of the car that was towed to the shop from somewhere in New York state this pastweek.

Mohamad Tanta, an automotive technician, said he had “heard a small sound” coming from the black Volkswagen the day after it was brought to his garage. He found two of the newborn kittens on the back seat and found the third on the floor hidden under some debris.

Auto shop owner Bashar Orfali said the kittens (consisting of two brothers and their sister) had probably not eaten for a day or two.

“They were very weak, they couldn’t even stand. They were very limp and lifeless,” explained Karen Rideg, the office manager.

Rideg says she thinks the kittens’ mother “probably went to get food for herself or something, and when she came back, the whole vehicle was gone.”

The office manager got bottles and kitten formula at the local PetSmart, and the rescue kittens are fed every two hours. The baby cats have surely been growing since they were rescued: their eyes have opened, they’re walking, and their individual personalities are beginning to show.

Several people have offered to adopt the kittens, but Orfali wants to make certain that the kittens remain together as a family. Until then, he expects to keep them all and give them a home at the shop, where they will get the abundant attention they need from both staff and customers.

Photo Source: NBC New York

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