Rescue Kitty Cranberry’s Story of How She Got Her Name


This story comes to us from one of our Facebook fans Mary Hopper.   She was nice enough to send us a picture of her sweet cat Cranberry.  But with such an unusual name we couldn’t help wonder how that name got started.  Well, here’s a little background on Cranberry for all you out there wondering.

Cranberry’s mom found her in the snow when she was not even 6 weeks old.  Oddly enough it was on Thanksgiving that Cranberry was found.  Mary took her in and wrapped her in towels because the cat was too cold to move.  During the holiday, Mary had made homemade cranberry sauce and while she was busy her new cat decided to go to sleep in her sauce which was still warm.  Unfortunately she never got to taste her homemade cranberry sauce but has loved her cat Cranberry very much and that’s how this cat got that adorable name.

Got any stories of how your cat was rescued and named?  We’d love for you to share them with us on our Facebook Page for inclusion into the website.   Or you can send us videos and we’ll try to post them either here or on our Facebook page.  We know there are more great stories out there and we can’t wait to share them!

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