Rescue Kitty Tyche Loves his Stuffed Bunny


My Boyfriend and I found baby Tyche in the middle of the road. He had been struck by a car. No one else bothered to slow down for him or even swerve…drivers were just straddling him in-between their tires. My boyfriend hopped out in traffic and rushed him to the vet. He had a broken jaw and a broken leg. He is all put back together now and recovering well. We love him to pieces! (he is pictured with his favorite stuffed bunny) – Owner Krickett Schmidt

We couldn’t be happier for little Tyche and his recovery.  We’re just glad there are owners out there who take the time to care for a kitty like Tyche.  What upsets us most is that there’s no word on the person who struck Tyche with their car.  It’s those people who belong in jail.  We’re just glad Tyche is OK!

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