Rescued Cat Reunites With Family After Being Left Behind During Fire Evacuation


After being airlifted from their cabin Sunday because of wildfire evacuations in New Mexico, a couple had a joyous reunion with their cat Tuesday after firefighters retrieved the feline from their home. The couple spent two days not knowing whether their Siamese cat Rupert had survived.

Benjamin Bevel and his wife were evacuated from the Signal Fire burning in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, along with their dogs. In the hurried evacuation, their 6-year-old cat Rupert was somehow left behind in either a cage or crate inside the family’s cabin.

“They gave us almost no warning. The helicopter was there to pick us up and we were already loaded down with three dogs,” Bevel explained.

Fortunately, both the cabin and the Bevels’ beloved Rupert were spared; however, the fire did come near enough to leave Rupert full of soot and smelling like smoke. A team of firefighters visited the cabin on Tuesday to pick up the rescued cat and brought him to Silver City, where his family are staying with their relatives until they get the all-clear and can finally return to their home.

“He was whining really bad and howling up a storm but as soon as he heard me he settled right down so we brought him [to the relatives’] home,” Bevel has said.

After some food and water, getting a bath, and some much needed affection, the once-missing Rupert is currently doing just fine.

Photo Source: KOB 4

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