A Rescued Cat Saved a Man’s Life from a Burning Building

Cat saves man from fire

When a house catches fire, it’s the owner who normally rescues their pets from the burning blaze.  But in this next story the table will be turned.  It all started when a man named Craig Jeeves rescued a cat from a local shelter several years ago.

The cat and its owner had lived in their home for quite some time before the fire.  These two become really close over the course of those years and the feline often would sleep in the owner’s bed.  But one night the house caught on fire and the man lay sleeping in the bed not knowing what was going on around him. Craig didn’t realize the house was engulfed in smoke and flames.

But the quick thinking cat named Sally tried to wake the man up.  Craig said that Sally jumped on his head and meowed so loud that it almost sounded like someone screaming.  This woke him up and right away he noticed smoke in the room.

The two then navigated the burning house and safely made it outside.  When firefighters came they were amazed that anyone survived the blaze.  They were also very happy to hear the story of how Sally the cat saved the man’s life.  If it wasn’t for Sally the man would have surely been overcome by the smoke and died in the fire.

While the home was a total loss, Craig and Sally are very thankful that no one got injured in the fire. Now the two have to put things back together but I am sure that the pair will work together to get their lives back soon.  There are no further details about whether a new home is being built on the property but I am sure wherever these two end up, it will surely be a loving home.

It seems that Sally was trying to return the favor of being rescued by the man several years ago.  This is a very heartwarming story that has a good ending. This story will surely move you. So make sure to check out the entire video below for further details about the story.

Image via YouTube.com

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