Rescued Kitten Gets Second Chance at Life Thanks to Foster Program

Thanks to a clean up crew in San Antonio, Texas, Rio the lucky kitten got a second chance at life. When the crew saw a black lump of fur along the banks of the San Antonio River, they assumed it was a dead animal – that is, until it started moving and made meowing sounds. They attempted to lure it out of the brush using bits of chicken but were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until they offered it a bacon cheeseburger and French fries that the wet, freezing kitten made it out of the river. Once out of the muddy stream, a crew member took the cat to Animal Care Services, where she was given a physical and a chance to be adopted. It was there that they gave the 8-week-old female kitten the name Rio, named after the place she was found.
Within an hour of Rio arriving at Animal Care Services, the staff had her story added to their ACS email network of those who are willing to be foster parents to young, injured and/or abandoned kittens and puppies. By the end of the day, Rio was taken into the care of Rhonda Weiss and her pre-teen daughter Amara. The Weiss family is only one of the 1,000 regular foster parents who take pets into their homes on a temporary basis. Like many of the other fosters in the ACS network, the Weisses work with the young animals by getting them up to an adoptable age and weight and then help the ACS find permanent loving homes for the animals.
After the Weiss family got Rio healthy and ready for a new home, a family from Pflugerville adopted her. The rescued kitten’s story isn’t quite finished yet – in fact, it’s only the beginning.
Photo by Liina Novy for San Antonio Pets Alive

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