Rescued Kitten and Husky Become Best Friends

Rosie and Lilo

When Rosie the kitten first came into her new home, her new foster parents did not know how the kitten was going to react to the Husky named Lilo.  But the pair really hit it off and the small kitten took to the dog much quicker than anyone expected.  The first night that Rosie came into the home, the tiny kitten was very lethargic and was not doing good at all.  So on the second day of being in the home, her foster parents allowed her to cuddle up with Lilo.  They knew that Lilo would make a great cuddle partner, because she had always been a motherly figure in the home.  The family has other husky in the home, but Lilo was the one that had the most motherly qualities.

After that second day, Lilo went into full time mother mode and started taking complete care of the kitten.  The large dog would not only cuddle with the kitten, but protect her from any harm.  Lilo would clean the kitten and give her tons of love.  This really shocked the foster parents, but they were happy that Lilo wanted to help out so much.  The way Lilo was treating the kitten made it seem like she had actually given birth to the cat herself.  This took a lot of stress off of Rosie’s foster parents and they could sleep better at night knowing that Lilo was in charge of things.

The foster parents of these two animals have put together a video of the pair.  In the video you will find that the dog really does love the kitten and is helping her grow up into an adult.  While the canine is much larger than the feline, she is very gentle with the kitten at all times.  The duo really do love to sleep with one another and most of the video contains clips of them snuggling up to one each other.  This is too cute and it will surely put a large smile on anyone’s face.  If you would like to see these two very adorable animals, you can find the video below.

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