Rescued Kitten in Oregon Saved and Adopted By Firefighters


A lucky kitten was rescued and given a good home after being trapped in a large pile of yard debris in Forest Grove, Oregon. Forest Grove firefighters received a call Wednesday from a neighbor who thought she heard meows coming from the debris pile.

The Fire and Rescue department’s Capt. Tony Carter recalls: “It’s a nice day out and we didn’t have many other calls at the time, so we decided to check it out.”

The neighbor, who reported they saw cats in the area, felt that the kitten had burrowed inside the large pile and had either been lost or abandoned there. The firefighting crew worked for about 45 minutes, cutting and searching through vines, hedge trimmings and a Christmas tree before eventually finding the trapped kitten.

The rescuers took to Twitter, lightheartedly taunting a fire crew from Hillsboro that had just rescued some ducklings from a storm drain, saying: “We saw your duckling rescue today, but we raise you one cute kitten we just saved! Your play.”

The kitten they saved was scared but otherwise unharmed. It is about 4 weeks old, which they found out after he was checked out by a veterinarian after it was rescued. Captain Carter and his family ended up adopting the little kitten, naming their new furry family member Olaf.

As the Forest Grove Fire and Rescue stated on their  Twitter: “We love happy endings!”

So do we!

Photo Source: Forest Grove Fire Department Twitter


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