Rescued Mother Cat is Wild, But With a Heart of Gold


In 2003, Melissa Brown’s coworker friend was moving and had a cat and her kitten living underneath her porch. She was moving and while she took the kitten, the friend wanted to find a home for the mother cat, who was partially feral. Also, the cat was also very moody: if you went near her or would pet her, she would hiss and scratch you. Being the strong animal lover she was, Melissa took the mother cat in because knowing that given the feline’s semi-feral personality, no one would want her and she’d most likely be put down. Her conscience just couldn’t let that happen to the innocent cat, who was probably a mere five years old at the time.

Melissa could tell that the cat had been abused; if you wanted to pet her, she’d duck her head and swat in fear. So Melissa brought her home. She was in the basement for the first few weeks while Melissa introduced her to my other cat. Her vet results were fine and she’d had her spayed. She hid in the basement except when she would put food down for her. At first when she’d put food down she’d come out but if she got to close to me Melissa would get clawed up the back of my legs. She slept downstairs every night on the couch down there. After the fourth day of sleeping down there, Melissa woke up to find her snuggled next to her friend, which was a surprise. She slowly put my hand on her and she allowed me to pet her. After just a few weeks, she wanted to be upstairs with my other cat.

It’s only been recently within the last two years that Melissa has been able to pick her up. She is now 17 years old. She still isn’t fond of other people, and will not allow them to touch her, but she’s come a LONG way from the fearful animal that was first rescued. Melissa loved her to death, and couldn’t imagine her not in her life!

Photo Source: Melissa Brown/Animal Rescue site

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