Rescuer Adopts Kitten Who Was Thrown from a Car After 2 Month Recovery


When it comes to saving animals’ lives pet rescuer Mandi Howard is a real life saver.  But one fateful day would change this animal lover’s life forever.  After a day out in the city of Toronto, Howard was driving down Highway 427 when she noticed someone throw something out of a car window.

Not sure what it was she pulled over to investigate and what she found was simply horrifying.  Instead of trash what Howard found was a kitten.  Apparently someone very hateful threw the tiny animal out of a moving car.

Howard quickly came to the feline’s rescue and took the animal to a local chapter of the Humane Society for treatment.  The poor little cat had a split lip, broken toes and many scrapes and scratches. The cat now named Potter had a hard and long recovery but is now in really great shape, thanks to both Howard and the staff at the rescue group.

But this story has an even happier ending, thanks to the woman that rescued this tiny little kitten.  After two months of recovering at the center, Potter has now been adopted by Howard.  She was really excited to bring the feline she saved home and gives her new pet lots of love.

This didn’t all happen by chance because when Howard brought the cat into the rescue she made it very clear that she wanted to adopt the animal.  In fact, she filled out the form and placed in on file.  The rescue couldn’t promise her the cat but they did say that they would give her special consideration being that she was the person who brought the cat in.

This story started out very tragically but it ended very well.  I am really happy to see that Potter has found a loving home and has gotten away from his former owner.  If Howard had not been in the right place at the right time, no one really knows how things might have turned out.  Thanks to a very kind hearted soul, this feline has a loving home and all the love that any cat would want.

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