Restaurant Owner Rescues Kitten During Typhoon and Gives her Unlikely Home

cat in typhoon

Typhoons are very common in many places of the world, but that does not change the fact that they are very scary. For this tiny kitten, one typhoon in Taiwan was so scary that she spent days hiding in a group of bushes outside a local restaurant. The owner of the restaurant heard her crying, but he could not find her. He returned day after day in hopes of finding the kitten he feared was sick, injured or worse, and he was finally rewarded after several days. Terrified and probably very hungry, the kitten realized that this man was trying to help her, so she came out of her hiding place and allowed him to bring her into his restaurant.

The owner gave her food and water, and he allowed her to stay with him. The staff and even the patrons of the restaurant fell immediately in love with the kitten, and she was named Gnocchi. The plan was to get her healthy and trusting of humans and then find her a home with one of the patrons who was so in love with her, and it probably would have worked, too. More and more diners came into the diner to look at the cat, spend time with her and allow her to sit in their laps and just cuddle. She became a kind of mascot for the business, and the restaurant owner has decided to keep Gnocchi with him. It’s good news for everyone since the cat will be allowed to come with him to the restaurant at any time.

This cat was scared, lonely and close to death when she was found, but a restaurant owner was able to change her life for the better in the middle of a dangerous storm, and we could not be any happier about that.

sweet kitten

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