Rocket is Rescued from a Hurricane


Kathy Wymer sends us Rocket and he’s got an amazing story.   According to Kathy, ” We found Rocket as a 4 week old kitten in a Hurricane.  Our male Manx woke us up around 6am and was meowing and pacing from the fireplace to the front door. We had thought that maybe the old fireplace was finally coming down so we ran outside to look and found this little guy huddled in the corner between the house and the fireplace. He would definitely have died if our “Baby” hadn’t heard his tiny cries.  As an add on to this story, I had taught out Manx a trick that involved lizards which i hate to to touch. If he found a lizard in the house and he brought it to me alive, I’d carry him and the lizard to the back door and “baby” would drop the lizard outside and get a treat. When the kitten became more active and played harder, Baby came meowing down the hall with the kitten in his mouth. He wanted me to put the kitten out, he had had enough…..Needless to say, Rocket is now 8 years old and we lost baby 2 years ago to old age.”

We’re glad Rocket is doing so well!

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