Salt Lake City Firefighters Revive a Cat after a Kitchen Fire


These are the kinds of stories we love writing about.  And these are the kinds of pictures that keep faith in humanity restored.  On Tuesday morning Salt Lake City, UT firefighters received a cat about a fire after a neighbor saw smoke coming from the chimney of the home and decided to call 911.

Fortunately they were able to arrive at the home quickly and get the fire under control in a short period of time.  Although no one was home at the time of the fire, several cats were inside.  Unfortunately two of the cats died and another one was found unconscious.

“We were able to revive it with a special cat-sized oxygen mask,” Asay said Tuesday morning. “We were able to pump oxygen into the cat and also do some compressions on the cat to revive it. We’ve also heard a fourth cat inside the house meowing, so our crews are looking to locate that cat right now.”

Thankfully one of the cats survived and if we hear anything on its status we will update you as soon as we can. Firefighters are also still investigating the cause of the fire.   Story via

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