Sammy The African Grey Parrot and Family Kitten are Best Friends Forever

cat and bird

Sammy is an African Grey parrot that simply loves his feline friend.  A super cute kitten seems to also be in love with the bird and they are the best of pals.  During the video that you can find located below this article, the pair is playing a game of hide and seek.  The feline runs away from the parrot and hides behind what appears to be a waste basket.  The parrot is very smart and quickly finds the kitten without any problems.  The cat could never hide from his best friend for long and comes out of hiding after he has been found out. This is really fun to watch!

As you can tell, the pair have really made a mess on the floor and the owner of these two have their work cut out for them.  The video rolls forward and the two can be found in the middle of the room.  There is a toy laying there and the parrot flips it up into the air and towards the cat.  This prompts the kitten to playfully slap at the toy and the pair has a really great time.  This is fun to watch and you can tell that both the cat and the bird are very smart animals.  The parrot seems to be teaching the kitten how to do certain things and has taken the kitten under his wing.

These two are always playing with one another and the entire video shows them getting along.  During meal times the bird and the kitten drink water out of the same bowl.  It’s really sweet that these two love one another so much, that they are willing to share with one another.  Birds and cats don’t always get along and some would even fight with each other, but not these two.  The kitten is only a few months old and has a lot of growing to do.  But surely the cat will remain the best of friends with the bird for many years to come. So if you want to see this amazing bond, please check out the video before you leave.

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