Sauerkraut is the Internet’s Newest Grumpy Faced Cat Sensation


We all have come to know and love the online feline sensation “Grumpy cat”.  But did you know there is another upset looking kitty on the scene.  That’s right!  Look out “Grumpy cat” here comes Sauerkraut!  Yes, there is a new kitty in town and the world is about to know it pretty soon.

It all started when the owner of “Sauerkraut” decided to dress the cat up in order to help lighten her up.  You see this grumpy but very sweet kitty suffers from hyperesthesia and this is what causes her look. The owner of the cat wanted the world to see that felines suffering from this condition are actually really sweet animals. There are many cats that suffer from hyperesthesia and many of them are in local shelters around the country.  These upset looking cats have a hard time being adopted due to their look and the special care that they need.  So raising awareness about this condition will help people understand that these cats need loving home just like the rest of the feline population does.

So having a famous cat like Sauerkraut speak to the world through the internet will bring hope to many shelter animals with similar conditions.  While many people may laugh at the faces of these cats, their condition is very serious and it affects the lives of these animals. So if you are thinking of adopting a cat and you have the resources and time to care for a feline with special needs, why not give one a home?  They will be forever thankful to you and make a very loving companion.  I think these cats are some of the sweetest on earth and you will have one too when you bring one into your home.

On a lighter note, the owner of the cat was asked if Sauerkraut enjoyed dinning on the food that she was named after; the answer was a big no.  She was once introduced to the food and turned her nose up at it.  It seems that many people around the world wanted to know the answer to that question.

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