Save Money While Spoiling Your Cat

cat scratching post

Cats love to scratch things.  This is why we buy them a scratching post.  Also, it gives them something to jump on and off of instead of you coming home and finding them clinging to your curtains.  These scratching posts become more expensive the more elaborate they are. (This is the way everything seems to work)  Right now, you need to budget yourself when you are trying to spoil your cat with nice items.  A smaller, simple scratching post will be just fine for your cat.  All you need is one that has a “landing pad” and a post for them to scratch.  The whole Barbie Dream House Cat Version is going to have to be put on hold until you are able to save up some more money.  Why spend over $300.00 on a huge scratching post/cat house that takes up your whole living room when you can find one for under $50.00 that fits in a corner of any room in your house?  Save and spoil, people.  It is definitely possible.

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