These Scottish Fold Kittens Really are Funny To Watch

Scottish Fold Kitten

We have all seen our share of cute kitten videos over the years.  But there is just something special about these videos that we never seem to get tired of watching them.  I for one have wasted many hours watching these funny and often cute videos over the years.  When the internet was young cute cat videos were some of the first videos ever to go viral.  I’m sure you all remember the first video you ever watched online and I bet for many it was a cat video. While there are tons of videos online nowadays, it’s a sure bet that millions of these videos involve a cat doing something strange or funny. With that being said, here is yet another video of some of the cutest animals in the world.  So sit back and relax and get prepared to be wowed by these super sweet looking felines.

The video below is you guessed it about cute cats acting silly.   This group of Scottish Fold Kittens seems to be watching something very closely.  But what makes this video so funny to watch is the fact that they are all turning their heads at the same time and in the same direction.  As these little guys move their heads back and forth, you just can’t help but laugh.  It is really amazing that without trying these little guys is so in tune with one another. It’s almost like they rehearsed this special act.  I wonder if the owner of these sweet felines planned this video or did this just happen out of nowhere.   These cats may be sisters and brothers but they really look like carbon copies of one another. Each and every one of these animals shares the same coat color and features.  I bet the owner of these cats get them easily confused.

Make sure to check out the video before leaving because words are not enough to describe this amazing feat.  These six little animals will surely charm and have you cracking up.  This is a great pick me up video to get your day started.  You won’t be able to contain yourself when you see this footage.  So check it out and make sure to share this joyful video with friends and family alike.

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