Scout Kitty Loses Her Best Friend Charlie To Cancer But Still Sees Him Everyday


A cat by the name of Scout lost her best friend Charlie, a dog, a couple of weeks back.   From the moment that Scout was brought home to her owners, she warmed up to Charlie.  In fact there wasn’t a night of sleep to be had unless Scout was nestled up next to Charlie.  The two were inseparable.   So much so that they’d even eat their meals together.   In addition Charlie would be super protective of his little kitten friend.

When Charlie died of cancer, Scout was heartbroken.  However, in the weeks that have ensued, Scout’s owners have taken to their iPad to make sure that Scout still has someone to snuggle up with at night and to see during the day.  Charlie may not be around in physical form but his spirit lives on and Scout still gets to nestle up to him every evening.










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