Scruffy the Cat Defies the Impossible Odds and Survives an Illegal Bear Trap


It was a cat owner’s nightmare this past weekend for Stephanie and Larry Waldrip when they found their out beloved tabby cat had been mauled by a bear trap. Their feline Scruffy was hobbling along the driveway to their Royal Oaks, CA home when they noticed he had a bear trap (which, by the way, are illegal) stuck to his leg. Upon seeing their miserable and ailing kitty, the owners quickly rushed him to the East Lake Animal Clinic in neighboring town Watsonville. There, head vet David Carroll and a nurse spent over an hour trying to free Scruffy from the trap.


“He’s a scrapper,” Carroll said. He added that the injured tabby was quite lucky – if a human had set foot into the trap, it’s very likely that they would have had a broken ankle! However, while Scruffy may have survived the mauling, he apparently has no feeling in his toes and it may be necessary to have his paw amputated. Ouch!

The Waldrips first encountered Scruffy about a year ago when they saw him spending time lounging in their driveway. Since then the couple has taken him in and become his owners.


There is no exact culprit of whose bear trap it was that Scruffy encountered currently. The Waldrips are said to be suspicious of a nearby resident, but the pair have not gone on the record to officially point fingers at said neighbor. Their local SCPA is holding an investigation on the reckless, sickening matter and is trying to find out who had laid down the trap that mauled poor Scruffy. No suspects have been named at the moment.

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