Scuba Steve the Cat Survives Being Thrown From a Car Into Flood Waters

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The cat that was thrown out from the window of a car miraculously survived the horrible ordeal. Apparently, the feline who is now known as Scuba Steve was seen being thrown from a car window to the flooded Little Blue River in Jackson County, MO. The poor cat “swam against raging waters,” the Pussington Post reported. Luckily, the cat grabbed a hold of a tree and held onto it until rescuers came to help the animal. Members of the Jackson Fire Department rushed to the scene and rescued the feline by trapping it using a net.

According to Deena Miller of Jackson County Animal Control, a concerned citizen came to their building and notified them that someone had thrown a cat out of a vehicle’s window into the raging 5 feet deep river. As you can see in the video below, one of the rescuers swam towards the cat, who is holding onto a tree in the middle of the river, with a net in his other hand. As he gets close to Scuba Steve, the firefighter started to reach the scared feline. After a few attempts, the cat was successfully trapped inside the net and was brought to safety. Scuba Steve was then brought to Great Plains SPCA. He is noted to be doing good after the terrifying event. Thanks to the concerned citizen for alerting the authorities about the cat’s situation and to the firefighters who rescued him. He will stay at the shelter until he will find his new home. For more information about Scuba Steve, please contact the Great Plains SPCA.

News like this is very disheartening. It seems like more and more people are becoming abusive towards animals. Many dogs and cats are being abandoned by their owners for various reasons like financial reasons. But still it’s not a reason to abandon a pet especially in a horrible way. In this case, whoever the culprit is, he/she sure is heartless. They could have just surrender the cat to a shelter where he will get a chance to find a new home, instead of throwing it into the flooded water where his chance of living is very minimal.

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