Senior Cat Dying of Cancer is Living Out His Bucket List

Tigger the Senior cat

Tigger is a 21-year-old cat living out the last of his days. He has a tumor, as well as cancer, and he will not live much longer. While it might seem sad, Tigger has had 21 years already, so he’s not missing out on living his entire life or anything, which is such a relief to so many. Tigger, however, has had a rough year. In addition to his deathly diagnosis, Tigger was also abandoned by his owners back in February. Underweight, severely matted and just uncared for, this cat was in danger of being in a shelter for the rest of his days. Most people are uninterested in a senior cat.

However, that’s when a woman by the name of Adriene, former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, decided she loved Tigger and wanted to bring him home to be her 6-year-old cat’s friend. She brought Tigger home and decided that in his final days she would ensure that he had the best time. She’s not following any strictly written bucket list, but she takes Tigger to do something remarkable anytime she thinks of it. She takes him on vacation to the beach with her, she takes him to visit family, and she spends as much time with him as she possibly can.

Thanks to people like Adriene, senior cats can live out the remainder of their days enjoying life and being loved. There is so much appreciation in Tigger for his newfound home and family, and he never fails to show his family that he loves them and is grateful to them for bringing him home to live with them in their home. He’s appreciative, and both he and Adriene are bringing a little something to the other’s life. It’s a beautiful marriage for these two, and we wish Tigger happiness in his final days.

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