A Shelter Adopts a Policy that Saves the Lives of Cats


It’s a sad, harsh reality that animals are often kicked to the curb for numerous reasons, only to have to be euthanized and be put down. There’s an alarming and heartbreaking rate of pets being brought to shelters all over the country that become sick and ultimately have to lose their lives when it could have been prevented. One already great shelter in Hilliard, Ohio has decided to improve their save rate policies for cats that have already proven to have saved more lives of cats. The Capital Area Humane Society has been able to save more than 500 cats from being euthanized in the last two months and their rate for healthy, adoptable cats is currently at 93% – how impressive!

The shelter’s new policy states that animals that are brought to the shelter can receive vaccinations, exams, and medication for a nominal fee. If the person who is dropping off the animal cannot pay the amount, the fee can be waived and they will then be offered the necessary supplies like food and litter for the animal and is asked to consider possibly fostering or keeping the animal. If the adoption floor is full, the people dropping off animals will be asked to keep the animal they are planning to drop off until a space opens up. This new policy applies to all animals that are brought to the shelter of course, but is especially beneficial to cats since dogs tend to be easier to place in homes. Since the new policies were implemented on September 1 through October 23, there was a significant drop in the cats being admitted and euthanized: a whopping 53% drop, in fact!

“That’s 563 fewer cats (more than 10 per day) that were put down,” the shelter’s Executive Director Rachel Finney said. “That’s a huge, huge number. It’s a big deal to us.”

“This is a game-changer,” Finney added. “This is going to rock the world of central Ohio and cats.”

(Photo Source: Capital Area Humane Society)

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