A Shelter Cat that is Just Too Cute to Ignore


I know we have probably all been in this situation before.  We go to a local animal shelter just to look at the animals and maybe, just maybe bring one home.  But as we walk through the door and get that first glance of all the animals with their sad little faces, it’s hard not to bring them all home.  These shelter animals all seem to be very glad to see you but as you walk away they seem to have a very sad look on their faces.

But for the little kitty in this next video his sad face has seem to win him a trip home with the man in the video.  As the man records the very vocal little kitten it’s hard not to want to open the cage and give this little guy a big hug.  I for one would love to call this fancy and very smart feline mine.

The man seems to be affected by the cat and as you will see in the description of the video it says that he has taken this very cute animal home with him.  In fact, he names the feline Tiger and I am sure this kitty is at home with his new owners as we speak. I am also sure the man in the video is a cat lover and he probably has more than one at home that he has rescued from the animal shelter.

It’s funny how this cat seemed to beg to be taken home and the looks on its face seemed to be for show.  I for one think this kitten knew just what he was doing in order to become adopted. No one in their right mind could possibly ignore such as cute little fur ball.

So before you leave make sure to take a look at the video and you too will want to adopt Tiger yourself. I think it’s really great that the man in the video decided to go to a animal shelter to get his new pet instead of a pet shop or a breeder. I bet Tiger is glad as well, don’t you?\

Image via YouTube.com

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