A Shelter Cat Nurses Abandoned Newborn Puppies

cat nurses

Last week, a mama cat named June Bug together with her kittens came to the Lester C. Howick Animal Shelter of Washington County located in Fayettville, Arkansas.  The mama cat’s kittens were just weaned and she was getting ready to be spayed and put up for adoption.  But on Tuesday two abandoned newborn puppies arrived at the shelter.  The puppies are in need of mothering and the shelter staff decided to put the young canines with June Bug, which officially put her back on mama duty.  June Bug took the puppies right away as if they were her own and even nursing them.  Both puppies are loving the warmth and care that they get from their surrogate mama.  The puppies also loves to cuddle with June Bug.

According to Administrative Assistant Madison Seyfried, one of the Washington County Animal Control Services Officer discovered the abandoned puppies and took them to the shelter.  During an interview with KSFM Channel 5 Seyfried said, “The kittens, we had weaned them recently from her, so she was probably pretty close to being spayed to be put up for adoption, but now it looks like she has a little bit more work ahead of her.  I mean, who says cats and dogs can’t get along? This is proof that that’s not true.”  The love and care that June Bug is giving to the puppies is simply amazing.  The puppies are getting chance to grow up healthy, thanks to the very kind and loving mama cat.

The shelter is currently looking for people with experience in bottle feeding animals that can foster the puppies until they are ready to be put up for adoption.  The shelter staff still don’t know the breed of the puppies but because of their small size they think that they could be part Dachshund.  But it really doesn’t matter what breed they are because they are both adorable puppies.  If you have a bottle feeding experience and are interested in becoming a foster parent to the puppies, please contact the shelter at https://www.facebook.com/LesterCHowickAnimalShelterOfWashingtonCounty.  More information about June Bug are also available on the same website.

Image via KSFM Channel 5

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