Siamese Cat Reunited With Owner 19 Months After Being Lost At The Airport


While most Siamese cats can become extremely talkative, owners that take care of these breeds know that they can also be quite shy.   Siamese Cat Bogey, was all set to relocate with the Sutherland family on their way from Hawaii to Detroit.  But the cat, who had been in their care for 5 years suddenly went missing with the cargo at the Honolulu International airport.  This took place way back in December of 2013.  It was no surprise that the Sutherland’s didn’t think that they would ever see their cat again after all search efforts returned nothing.

But then, Bill Antilla, a man who cares for the feral cats around the airport, spotted a beautiful (yet very scared) Siamese in 2014.  “It took a few months before he started to get really friendly with me that I could actually touch him,” Antilla told KITV. Once Antilla was able to gain the trust of this homeless cat, he took him to the vet where he could be scanned for the possibility of a microchip. This is when Hillary Sutherland got the shock of a lifetime: the cat that she thought was lost forever was alive and well.

We cannot believe this even happened.  See it and be amazed!

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