A Siamese Kitten Who Talks like no other Cat!

Talking cat

We have all seen those talking dogs that say “I love you” but did you know that felines can talk as well?  Yes, that’s right!  Kitty cats have something to say as well and especially the furry one in the video below.

As the video starts, you will see one very beautiful kitten that seems to love the camera.  Its owner is talking to the little guy and the kitten responds with a big meow that almost seems like he is talking.  This odd sound is really something I have never heard before but some say it is common with this breed of cat.

Siamese cats are very talkative and this little guy is no exception. The cat continues to talk and what comes out of his mouth is simply amazing.  This very funny sound is very unique and it really makes one wonder what this little kitty is trying to tell its owner.  Do you think it is asking for food or maybe it just wants someone to play with him?  But whatever the reason, it’s very amazing and I am glad that the owner has decided to video her pet.

But what he does next is very funny.  The owners tries to pet this cute animal and this playful feline just wants to act up.  As the woman touches his head the kitty bite her hand.

At the end of the video you can tell that this cat’s owner is tired of getting bitten by this feisty feline and told him that that’s enough and shuts off the camera.

While the cat is only being playful those little teeth can really be painful.  If you have ever owned a kitten before then you know what I am talking about.  They can really get carried away when they are playing and often forget that they are very powerful even if they are really small.

So if you want to be amazed then you should really check out the video below.  It will have you laughing and scratching your head at the same time.  If you are cat lover, you will surely find this video interesting.

Image via YouTube.com

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