Sightless Cat Named Hope Finds a Home

Blind cat

In December 2014, a mama cat and her two kittens were found abandoned in an Ikea parking lot in Burlingotn, Canada.  Hope, her sister Joy and their mother Charity were then brought to Burlington Humane Society (BHS) for shelter and care.  The staff at the shelter then noticed that something is wrong with one of the kitten’s eyes. Hope was born with a disorder called micropthalmia, a condition that affects the development of the eyes making it nonfunctioning and unusually small.  According to Jane Cappus, the adoption counselor of the organization, Hope’s condition is something that is very easy to notice by any pet owner.

BHS staff shared Hope’s story with her pictures via social media and it caught and the young feline gained supporters, friends and thousands of dollars of donations to her medical fund to cover her eye surgery expenses.  Last month Hope’s eyes removal surgery were done and she recovered miraculously fast, which helped her to be ready for adoption before February was out.

”She’s incredibly intelligent and can find her way around.  She’s the most playful kitten … anything with a spring or a ball, if she could hear it, she was playing with it. She would run all around the room,” said Jane Cappus.

On February 26, Hope found her new forever home.  Her new petparent is a single man who lives in a first floor apartment.  The BHS staff felt that the kitten will have the perfect home with her new petdad.

“And her new owner says she’s already found her favourite spot on the couch,” Cappus told the Hamilton Spectator happily.

Soon after they were taken to BHS, Hope’s mom Charity and her sister Joy were both adopted.  The little kitty family has successfully found their new and permanent homes.

I am really glad that Hope and her family was rescued that day and are now successfully adopted by good people.  Hope got all the help that very much needed and she sure is having a good time enjoying the next chapter of her life.  Thanks to the BHS staff, to all who supported Hope’s cause and to the person who rescued them from that parking lot.

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