The Silliest Ways Your Cat Says “I Love You”


It’s generally a rule of thumb that cats will purr when they are happy or content.  Especially if they’re happy with an actual person.  But there are also times when your cat wants to cuddle with you and lets you know about it.  Their ways are not subtle.  In fact sometimes they go out of their way to get your attention.  Speaking of which some of these ways are downright silly.

There are times your cat might do something as silly as get in your way and something as invasive as sit right on top of your head!  Either way you’re about to see a pretty fun list of silly ways that your cat tells you that you’re loved–even when they are a tad frustrating.   But come on, they’re never that frustrating are they?  LOL!

Please leave us a comment below to share the funny ways your cat lets you feel loved.

Sleeping On Your Head


Gnawing on you just because


Licking you in any situation whatsoever


Deciding to block you from doing laundry


Meowing to no possible end.


Staring at you to the point of freaking you out.


Mashing those paws under the door obsessively


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