Smush-Faced Persian Rescue Cat Princess Katalina Goes From Rags to Riches


Princess Katalina Arianna Anastasia Elise – also known as Princess Kat – was found in pretty bad shape, wandering the streets in November 2013. The poor Persian cat was starving, matted, and covered in filth. In desperate need of some tender loving care, her prayers were answered when she was rescued. Fortunately for the smush-faced, tortoise shell-colored fur ball, she found that in her human friend and more. Her rescuer saw the diamond in the rough that she was and nursed the ailing cat back to health and to her utmost beauty. 

Her human very quickly got her back into her pristine, royal ways – that is, after taking her about 15 days to win over the human. Now her owner gives the feline the time of her life by feeding her very high quality foods that keep her tummy happy.   Her human knows just what a princess the feline is and treats her as such. She is addresses herself as “Her Smushy Faced Highness, Princess Katalina Arianna Anastasia Elise” on her Facebook page –  in fact, the whole page devoted to her refers to her as a “royal Persian cat.” Thanks to her human, the kitty received much grooming and fine dining, as well as a constant flow of adoration – in the form of smartphone pictures!

While she has gone from rags to riches in her new loving home, the kitty has not forgotten her roots: she is a strong advocate of adoption. After all, she is living proof that great treasures just may be hidden in a ball of matted fur and fleas!

Image Source: Her Smushy Face Highness Facebook page

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