Soldiers Spending Time Cuddling with Cats


This soldier cares for a cat that clearly needs a little TLC, some water and a meal. He probably hasn’t much for himself, but he still manages to share what he has with this defenseless little kitten. Just because men and women are overseas in the middle of a battle ground does not mean that they aren’t looking for something to brighten their days. They might have guns and take lives, but they are still humans who will do anything to save the innocent, and that’s what these little cats really are; they are innocent. Read on to see more cats with military men and women, and prepare to have your heart fill up just a bit.


Kittens need protection, too, and this soldier makes sure that this kitten has all the protection he needs, even if it means allowing a kitten to climb all over him while he stands guard.


When it comes to being at war, ever soldier needs a piece of home with them at all times, and this cat seems to provide that kind of comfort to this man.


Where there is a will, there is a way. This soldier feeds a cat that might not have anything to eat otherwise, and it warms our hearts.


It looks like this soldier came home from duty to find that his family was a bit lonely and decided to become the crazy cat lady family.


Just because they are armed with guns and will not hesitate to shoot a bad guy does not mean these men and women do not have hearts of gold, as is evident with this man and his tiny kitten.


There is very little reason to smile when you are overseas dressed like this in the middle of a burning hot desert with people all around that would love to be rid of you, but this guy has two cats vying for his attention, so he’s feeling pretty good.


His arms might be too full for anything else, but we can tell by his cat in a helmet that his heart is not too full for this kind of love.


Who says that it’s not all fun and games when you are at work saving the country and protecting a nation?


Everyone needs a nap, including this beautiful cat that seems to have found a forever friend in this soldier.


Sitting guard outside an abandoned house seems to have made these two fast friends.


Sometimes it takes a little bit of trust to earn a new friend, and this cat seems to be making this soldier work for it.


When you’re missing home, just curl up with a kitten and pretend you’re at home with your own family. It’s so sweet.


This tiny kitten looks too small to care for himself, so these soldiers make it their mission to keep him safe and alive in the middle of a war zone.


These two fuzzy cats look like they might be in the middle of a very dangerous location, but this soldier seems to have the desire to keep them safe. And we can’t blame him; they’re very sweet.


Kittens are pretty difficult to resist, especially when you are this far away from home and in need of a friend and someone to love.


Why not make the world a little better by adding a kitten to your uniform? This has to make the days a bit more bearable for these men.


There’s always a little time for a bite and some playtime for a kitten, which is probably what makes the men in the middle of a war so happy to care for them.


I don’t know about you, but I think that dog behind this cat and his soldier looks like he’s keeping an eye out for a snack should someone stop paying attention to this cat.


When you’re working out and getting your job done, there is a reason to stop and take a break. For this soldier, that reason comes in the form of two very adorable new kittens.


It was a long time ago that this photo was taken, but that doesn’t change the fact that this man is looking out for this cat in the middle of a very cold location.

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