Sophie the Cat is Found After Missing for Five Years


Cats are many things to us: family members, best friends, confidants, therapists, and more. The thought of losing them to death or getting lost forever is one that we’d like to never think about and more so never, ever experience. We really felt for Craig Hirst, who had lived out that nightmare when his beloved cat Sophie disappeared in June 2009 in Morley near Leeds in the UK. Hirst had to endure the moment we wish we could avoid forever, knowing that his Sophie was lost forever or dead somewhere. Imagine his surprise when he was informed recently that his cat is found after going missing for five years!¬†Thanks to being microchipped before her disappearance, Sophie was able to be reunited with Hirst by the Cat Action Trust five years later.

“It was a shock, we thought we’d never see her again,” Hirst admits.

The feline had gone missing while her owner was on vacation – Sophie was being looked after by a member of his family. After discovering his kitty disappeared, he put up posters in search of his missing cat and even contacted the microchipping company to no avail. Finally, years after the fact, he received a phone call from the Cat Action Trust based in Leeds, which cares for and rehouse stray and feral felines.

“I told her Sophie’s details and the caller said ‘I think I’ve got your cat’,” Hirst said, adding, “I knew she wasn’t dead.”

While her whereabouts of the last five years are still a mystery to everyone, she is back safe and sound and is getting settled into her home. She is also reunited with the kittens she left behind that had already been living with Hirst and the family. It’s a great lesson in never giving up as well as the importance of microchipping your pets!

Photo Source: Craig Hirst

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