Special Little Cat Will Get The Surgery He Needs After Donors Around The World Step Up

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Peanut is the kitten you may know who was rescued a few months ago from a shed.  Apparently, Peanut was left all alone in the shed after his mom left with his siblings.  Peanut wouldn’t be able to keep up with them because he was born with a deformed front legs or “floppy paws.”   The cute 7-month-old black kitty is very lucky that he was found by good Samaritans that day because he could have died in the shed.  Peanut’s rescuers took him to Heronbank Rescue, a small cat rescue, located in West Yorkshire in United Kingdom.

Peanut’s caretakers are doing the best they can to help the cat live a happy and long life.  At present the feline is living in a foster home.  In order to help him walk, splints were put on his legs.  Peanut is also getting physical therapy every day and lots of love from his foster parents.  Unfortunately, the splints and therapy are not enough to help him walk.  The adorable feline needs a surgery, an expensive one.  Because of the surgery cost, Heronbank Rescue launched a gofundme fundraising campaign to help cover the cost of medical care that Peanut needs.  The fundraising campaign for Peanut is a successful one.  In fact, people from around the world have stepped up and donated to the feline’s campaign.  So far the total donations received are a little more than $10,000 from both bank pledged and gofundme donations, according to the latest update on their gofundme page.

Heronbank Rescue is hoping to raise more money for Peanut because he needs more help before he can be the playful kitty he dreams to become.  In a recent interview with Examiner, the rescue group said that in three months they need to raise $3,000 more for the cat.  We reckon the extra amount needed will cover the expenses after the feline’s surgery.  If you want to make a donation and learn more about Peanut, please visit http://www.gofundme.com/pyftn4. Peanut is scheduled to have the surgery in three months.  Before you go, please share his story that it may touch others and encourage them to help this needy cat.

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