Special Needs Manx Kitten Finds Forever Home in Arizona


This made it very hard for the feline to find a home because most people do not have the time that this kitty needs to live a comfortable life.  Cats at the Studios rescue in Burbank, California housed the feline until he could find a forever home. The group had rescued feline from a local kill shelter. The cat now named Babe was placed on the internet by the staff of the rescue group in hopes someone would come forward and adopt the cat.

After getting the cat’s pictures and some video footage online many people started talking about the cat.  Even if the cat has a terminal condition he was expected to live a long and happy life.  With this great news and people realizing that this cat can still make a wonderful pet, many people started calling the shelter asking about him.  This was great news and it seems that Babe was really close to finding a forever home.

Not just one but quite a few people wanted to adopt the cat but the shelter was going to have to pick just one applicant.  After a very careful screening process, the shelter picked a woman who lives in Arizona.  The woman was going to drive all the way to California to pick up her new pet.  This very lucky woman was about to get a very special kitty to call her own.  The shelter made sure that the woman had enough experience with feline and enough time to give this cat a loving home.  The new owner of the cat actually has had experience with cats that have Manx Syndrome making her totally qualified to care for the kitten.  If you want to learn more about this beautiful story then you should check out the video located below this article.  There you will find a wonderful kitten who had a long road to finding a forever home but is very thankful that he did.

Image via YouTube.com 

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