Spray Painted Kitten Gets Much Needed Help

spray paint 2

A kitten was found on the streets of Savannah, Georgia. While its not uncommon to find kittens roaming around this Historic city, but this kitten was very different than the rest.  As you see in the photo, the kitten has bright orange spray paint all over it.  When the feline was found by a concerned citizen, animal control was called in to rescue the animal.  Once help arrived, animal control took the kitten to to there shelter, were it would get the help it needed.  The spray paint was causing the kitten not to be able to see and if the paint was not removed soon, the kitten might not make it.

spray paint

Thankfully the Vet was able to remove the paint from the kittens face and he was checked out to see if he had anymore problems.  The kitten is now in good health and the paint did not cause any long term damage.  The kitten is now being called Sherbet and is very lucky that someone found him, before it was too late.  Now the kitten will be taken in by One Love Animal Rescue and will not have to remain at the animal control shelter.  This is great news and the kitten will never be in danger of being put to sleep.

One Love Animal Rescue will place the kitten with a foster parent, before he is ready to be adopted out.  Once Sherbet is ready to leave his foster parent, surely someone will come forward and give this beautiful feline a forever home.  Police are investigating this incident and are hoping to charge someone with this act of animal abuse.  It is not clear at the time of this article if they have made any progress with the case.  Unless someone comes forward, no arrest will probably be made in this case.  It is very sad that someone would do something like this, to such a beautiful and tiny kitten.  Many people are outraged over the incident and are calling for the police to make an arrest soon.  Hopefully soon a break will be made in the case.

Images via http://oneloveanimalrescue.com/

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