Why You Should Start Your Cat on a Feeding Schedule

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If your cat isn’t on a set schedule for food, you might want to start your cat on a feeding schedule. It’s best for both you and your cat to operate this way; your cat should be eating enough food with nutrients it needs and you can monitor how much your cat eats as well as you setting the time on when to give it to them. This means no 5:00 am morning wakeup calls because they’re hungry and feel like eating. By putting them on a feeding schedule, there are some great reasons to do so, and it’s mostly for their benefit.

Here are five reasons why you should put your cat on a feeding schedule:

1. It helps managing your cat’s weight. You don’t want your cat to deal with obesity problems in the future, and unfortunately that may just be the case if you free feed your cat. Unlimited access to dry food often causes obesity in cats.

2. If you are a multiple cat household, different cats have different dietary needs. One may require more food than the other, and some cats may not necessarily need the diet one specific cat in the household has.

3. It helps you be more aware of your cat’s eating habits. Aside from the obesity problem, there’s also the other end of the spectrum where your cat isn’t eating enough for whatever reason. This is especially helpful if your usually hungry kitty stops eating – it could be a sign of a health problem and would therefore need the assistance and diagnosis of a veterinarian.

4. For cats to realize that food will not be available to them all day, every day. They need to realize that this is serious business and by training them to transition them into a feeding schedule, they will see that it will not always be readily available to them.

5. Domestic cats love schedules: a time to play, a time to sleep, a time to eat. It also gives them something consistent to look forward to throughout the day.

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