Stevie the Kitten Beat an Infection But Unfortunately Lost Her Eyesight


When she was just two weeks old, Stevie was found in the wild in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She weighed a paltry two pounds, and her health was far from good. It wasn’t until a person passing by the wild area in which the kitten was hiding that anyone noticed she was in there and decided that help was necessary. The kind stranger called the local animal shelter, the Kentwood Cat Clinic after noticing that the small kitten seemed to have something wrong with her little eyes. They seemed infected, and the stranger knew that this kitten was not well. That’s when the bad news was issued.

The cat clinic decided that they had one of two options when it came to Stevie’s treatment and fate; either euthanize the kitten due to her health issues or remove both of her eyes to remove the infection completely. Thankfully, those at the clinic decided that a life of blindness was far superior to no life at all. Stevie made it through her surgery, both eyes removed and the infection gone for good. The issue, according to the vet that worked on Stevie, is that she likely picked up her infection in the wilderness. Due to the fact that she has no vaccinations, the infection quickly spread and became worse.

With medical costs exceeding $3,000, the clinic has set up a campaign for the kitten hoping to raise the money to pay for her medical care. A portion of that expense is being designated to Reuben’s Room. This is a local rescue facility that provides the chance for this sweet kitten to recover and go through rehab to ensure that she is in good health despite her rough start at life. Her life at the rehab facility is not a bad one. She has her own ‘condo’ so that she can learn to live life without any eyes. She’s got plenty of food, water and shelter, and she has her choice of beds.

The volunteers at the rescue say that the kitten doesn’t seem at all bothered to have no eyes and no sight, and that she is very loving and playful. The darling kitten already seems to have the ability to sense when someone is near her, and she waits with excitement until they come close enough to provide her with some attention before she begins playing happily with whomever is closest to her. She’s currently looking for a foster family to take her in once her rehabilitation is over, and she also needs a loving family to take her in and love her ‘fur’ever.

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