Stolen Kittens Found Boxed Up and Taken Out with the Garbage

cats in box

Two very beautiful kittens were stolen from their owner in Liskeard, Cornwall, UK.  The upset owner took to the internet in hopes of finding out where her beloved cats had gone and it worked!  Thanks to a combined effort, her felines are safely back home.  But they almost didn’t make it.  The kittens were found sealed up in a cardboard box and placed beside a garbage can at a primary school.  The animals were left for dead by whoever had stolen them.  A young girl found the kittens, just one day before the trash was scheduled to be picked up.  If the child had not heard the kittens making noise inside of the box, surely the cats would have perished soon.  The person who stole the animals must have gotten scared, because so many people were looking for these adorable cats.

The kittens were taken in by the RSPCA and an investigation was opened, in order to find the proper owners of the pair.  Due to one of the cat’s very uniquely colored collar, the cat’s owner was quickly identified.  Now the pair are back home where they belong.  The person who stole these animals has not been caught, but if there are, they will be in a lot of trouble.  RSPCA inspector Lewis Taylor made a comment on the subject, “Thankfully these kittens already have a loving home and the worried owner is over the moon that they have now been found, albeit in somewhat awful circumstances. What has happened here though is an offense, not only of theft but also under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, under which those responsible could face up to six months in prison or a fine of up to £20,000.”

This story had a happy ending, even if the person was not caught.  But sadly every year thousands of animals are stolen from their homes, by people just like the one in this story.  If you have a pet, make sure to always keep them inside while you are away from home.  Many pet thieves are looking to sell the animals for profit.

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