The Story of Pixie the Cat and 2,000 Blades of Grass


Pixie the cat was thought to have a cancerous tumor in her nose has recovered well after veterinarians found out the real cause of her nose problem.

At the start of October 2014, Pixie the six-year-old British Blue cat arrived at the Wood Green, an animal charity at Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, UK.  The feline came to the animal and adoption center with a sneezing history.  After a few days the staff at the center became more concerned of the kitty’s health as her simple sneezing turned into a bloody nasal discharge.

The cat was treated for cat flu but when her symptoms continued and even got worst, the vets at Wood Green decided to examine the animal further which led to a nasal lump discovery.  The center’s staff worried that the lump was a sign of a deadly tumor.  But after an exploratory surgery result came back inconclusive then Pixie’s caregivers sent her to the experts at the Animal Health Trust in Suffolk.

Last December 30, 2014 the feline had a CT Scan and the results determined that the lump in her nose was a tissue that grew over a blade of grass that she had ingested.  Then on the following day which was New Year’s Eve Pixie had the blade of grass removed.

Pixie is now a very healthy feline and she also found her new and permanent home.  The lovely cat sure had a good start of this year with a good health and new petparents as well.

On the other hand, Wood Green considers Pixie’s case as a great example on why pet owners should insure their pets.  Pixie’s medical bill nearly amount to $3000 and the charity group was very thankful that they were able to pay for the cat’s expensive CT Scans and the surgery as well.

“It seems like such a simple problem – a cat eating a blade of grass – but when it was undiagnosed it turned into something much more extensive and frightening.  Pixie’s story has been a real eye-opener for us, we were so upset because it really looked like a tumor – thank goodness for CT scans,” says Jane Harrup, deputy manager of cat welfare at Wood Green.

I am very happy that Pixie got all the care and medical treatment that she needed. Thanks to all the staff at Wood Green and to the high technologies, vets were able to diagnose and treat her illness properly.

Image via woodgreen

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