The Story of Pooks: A Persian Cat Saved From a Bad Breeder


About a year ago, Allison Wilson found a Persian cat being sold by a lady on Craigslist for $350. Strangely enough, after Allison asked for an address, the lady suggested a local Walmart parking lot. Wanting a Persian cat badly, Allison ignored her gut and met with the seller. The seller gave Allison a small kitten that was dirty, infested with fleas, urine and matted down hair, and she in turn gave the female seller the $350. Immediately after, Allison took the dirty kitten home, gave her a bath and took her straight to the vet, who diagnosed the feline with a respiratory infection and gunky eyes. The vet also informed her that it wasn’t actually a kitten but a full grown cat! Sadly, the cat was the size of about a six month old kitten, but it turns out she is probably 2-4 years old.

Being in the care of Allison, the cat’s life was changed. She gave the dirty feline (whom she named Pooks) numerous baths to get rid of fleas and her matted hair. Pooks clearly had no idea what a litter box was and would use her food bowls as one, and would eat so much, she made herself physically sick. She also has her hair share of issues: she has three toenails that are growing through the pads of her feet that have since been trimmed but will eventually need to be removed, and her bottom eyelashes are growing inward toward her eye and will also need to be removed.

Unfortunately, things have been going downhill for Allison financially. She lost her job and had to move in with her father. She also cannot afford the funds for the treatment needed to help poor Pooks. Allison is not asking for a penny of money for her kitty – all she wants to find is a loving home for the Persian cat that can actually afford the health costs. The vet quoted about $400 for everything that will be needed to be done medically. Pooks is a friendly feline who enjoys being bathed and even lets you brush her teeth. She is very non-aggressive and will basically allow any animal to pick on her.

You can email Allison at  [email protected] for more information on Pooks.

Photo Source: Cat’s Cradle Rescue Facebook 

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