The Story of Tom the 3-Legged Rescue Cat


The story of Tom the cat isn’t an easy one to tell. In the six years of his life, Tom has survived being hit by a car, having his front right limb amputated and then a fall that fractured his front left leg. To make matters worse, he was rescued only after a group of mean-spirited kids were throwing rocks at him right after he was run over. When he was hit by the car, one of his front legs was severely injured and ended up having to be amputated. Poor Tom! Fortunately for him, he was rescued.


The fragile Tom was in the rescue shelter for almost a whole year before he was adopted. Unfortunately he didn’t get his happy ending right then and there: within just a few days he was back at the shelter, in shambles. Tom came back wounded, with his only front leg broken. Apparently the furry feline jumped from some tall furniture and ended up hurting his one good leg. Also, the people who had adopted him let his injury go untreated, and it only got worse. Needless to say, Tom’s adoptive parents ended up giving him up.


That’s when Tom’s human friend, a volunteer who met Tom while working at the shelter, took matters into her own hands and adopted the cute kitty. But of course with the good you have to deal with the bad – and for Tom, there was more Bad News on the way! In January 2013, he experienced some painful urinary blockage and had to go in for emergency surgery. Hopefully that will be the last of Tom’s woes for a very long time. He is currently living in a loving home and away from all the potential dangers.


*Any updates on Tom the Cat can be found on his Facebook page: Lives/1409158415987864


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