Stowaway Kitten Miraculously Survives Car Crash and Finds Forever Home


From the looks of the photo above it’s hard to imagine any living thing being able to survive a car crash as brutal as this one.   However, the story of this little kitten is a miracle.  He was actually riding as a stowaway in this car’s engine and was only discovered after the car was involved in a terrible traffic wreck.   Incredibly, the kitten was unharmed despite the horrific situation.  She found a forever home with the car’s owner, who also escaped the crash without inury.

The City of Little Rock, Arkansas Fire department told about the rescue at Facebook on July 9, writing:

“This morning Little Rock Firefighters and MEMS worked an accident at Interstates 430 & 30. The bumper of this car came off in the impact, and this kitten was found riding in the engine compartment! The driver and kitten were transported to the hospital to be checked out. The driver decided to keep the stray kitten, so it stayed at MEMS Headquarters until the driver picked it up. She named the kitten Hallelujah. Hallie for short.”

What an absolutely perfect name.  All we can really say to this story is in fact “Hallelujah!”  Miracles can and do happen every day.

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